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The Israeli Climbing Guidebook

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The book


This guidebook is the first successful attempt to map and document the entire Israeli climbing scene.


Due to the major time commitment and manpower needed to gather data on the many climbing sites across country, no serious attempt at such a project was ever made before. Additionally, the challenge is ever-growing as more climbing sites and routes are constantly being opened.

This is not a regular guidebook like the ones you may have encountered during visits to other climbing sites in the world. This book describes diverse climbing sites, some small and some larger, some sport, trad or boulder, with different rock types and different climate characteristics, scattered all over Israel. Some are near the north most tip of Israel and some way down south near Eilat, more than 500 Km apart, and everywhere in between. Altogether close to 20 climbing and bouldering sites are described, scattered amongst some of the most beautiful spots in Israel.

The book is a result of 8 years of ongoing work. As the work evolved it was slowly introduced to the climbing community in Israel, firstly as an online guide to some of the sites, and later as an official guidebook for climbing events organized by the ILCC (Israel Climbers Club). It is now (finally!) a comprehensive printed book.

We hope you’ll find the guidebook helpful in finding your way to and around the climbing site of your choice, and up your preferred route.


See you at the crags!


Nimrod & Ran


Sites in the book



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Take a peak inside the book

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Q: How is the book sent and how long does shipping usually take?
A: We ship by Israel Post office. After shipping, we send you an email with a tracking number.

Israel shipping takes 2-4 weeks.

Worldwide shipping takes 4-6 weeks.

Q: I’m coming to Israel in a week or so, how can I get a copy in time?
A: We can’t ship that fast… you can either buy a copy on arrival in one of the climbing gyms or stores listed below or self-pickup from Kibbutz Einat, 20 minutes from Ben-Gurion international airport. You can coordinate this with us by email. 

Q: This edition is from 2015. Is the book still up to date?
A: “Unfortunately yes”… since the book was published there hasn’t been any major legit crag opened. There are some updates here and there, mostly regarding access issues, but nothing really serious. You can still get along completely well with the book’s details.


Q: what language is the book in?
A: All English. Some routes have their original Hebrew name mentioned.  


Q: is it possible to download the book in PDF format?
A: No. we chose not to release a digital file of the book. However to take a peek inside the book you can download the PDF sample chapter.






Climbing since 2001, Nimrod quickly fell in love with climbing on natural rock rather than plastic. in the coming years, Nimrod attended an alpine guide course, a route-setter course along to different titles in the Israel Climbers Club, eventually chairman in the years 2011-2016. 
The guidebook project began in 2004, and while Rani joined it in 2007, it still took a decade to complete and publish as a handbook. 
Other than climbing and mountain biking, Nimrod is an Industrial Designer, owner, and CEO of a design studio ( He is married and has 2 kids.


Climbing since 2003, he was immediately “hooked” after a spontaneous visit to the local climbing gym, former “Olympus” in Tel Aviv’s sports park. As Rani knows, he quickly took things to a serious level, Starting a local climbing group (Pisga), reaching climbing destinations in Greece, Turkey, China,
Thailand and more… all of this, along to activities and role titles in the Israel Climbers Club.
In 2007, Ran was introduced to Nimrod Nachmias and ever since then, has been working alongside him to develop the Israeli Climbing Guidebook Project.
Rani is married, he has 2 kids and he is “pulling some numbers” as an algorithm-
developer for computer-vision applications.



Alpine Style ( - Ha-Khashmona'im 91 Tel-Aviv
Lapidot ( - Ha-Tamar 68 Kfar Ben-Nun
Jet Lag ( - Kibbutz Ginosar 14980
Performance Rock ( - Rival 3 Tel-Aviv
Boulder ( - Yokhanan Ha-Sandlar 18 Haifa
Venga ( - HaShlosha 3B Tel-Aviv
Kir Sagie ( - HaNarkisim 11 Ramat-Yishai
The bloc ( - Yitzhak elyashar 7 -Jerusalem
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